Why Riverstone Capital?

Why Riverstone Capital?

According to the California Department of Insurance and the Department of Labor, millions of people in the State of California are without health insurance.

Predominantly, this group is uninsured due to the high cost of health insurance which is based on age, gender, and residential zip code.

The Covered California exchange offers insurance to people who are residents in the state of California and they attempt to make it more affordable through a health care subsidy based on household income. This is known as the advanced tax credit.

The subsidies for those who qualify help make the cost of health insurance more affordable. Those who fall below the poverty level are offered Medi-CAL (outside of California known as Medicaid) at little or no cost.

The problem, however, is many Californians do not qualify for the health care subsidy or Medi-CAL, and they do not have access to an AFFORDABLE employer sponsored group health plan.

The profile of this un-insured population consists of the following:
1) Non U.S. citizens;
2) People who do not qualify for the health care subsidy because they have too much income, yet cannot afford to purchase health insurance without creating financial hardship;
3) People who are disqualified for the health care subsidy because they have access to an unaffordable employer sponsored plan.

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